5th Annual Canadian Universities Life Science Challenge (CULSC 2015)


Anatomy! Genetics! Microbiology! Psychology! By your powers combined, you can WIN the 5th annual Canadian Undergraduate Life Sciences Challenge!

Undergraduate university students from across Canada are invited to participate in an intense weekend filled with competition, socials, and seminars in breakthrough lectures. Teams of up to four undergraduate students must register in advance for this event, for only $10/participant. This reserves your spot in the competition, gives you access to social events, and includes 2 days of breakfast, and 2 days of lunch.

The competition itself will be held in 6 rounds spread out over the weekend. Each round will consist of questions in various subjects, with each round increasing in difficulty. The topics covered include:

(1) Neuroscience and Psychology
(2) Molecular Biology and Genetics
(3) Physiology
(4) Anatomy
(5) Pathobiology, Immunology, and Microbiology
(6) Biochemistry and Pharmacology

The top team will receive a monetary prize and a trophy. There will also be prizes awarded for the most spirited team, the overall highest scoring university, and more.

Online registration is available now at http://tinyurl.com/culsc2015, so start forming your teams! There is no limit to the number of teams each school can send.

The deadline to register for the 2015 Canadian University Life Sciences Challenge will be Friday, March 6th at 5:00 pm. Last minute teams will be permitted to register on March 6th between 5:00pm-6:30pm.

3rd Annual Everything Neuroscience (∑N) Conference: The Digital Brain

Everything N: The Digital Brain

TITLE: Everything Neuroscience (∑N): The Digital Brain
DATE / TIME / TICKETS: November 8th, 2014 / 10:00AM – 3:00PM / $5.25 (includes breakfast, lunch), purchase here
LOCATION: Medical Sciences Building – Stone Lobby, 1 King’s College Circle, University of Toronto
The Neuroscience Association of Undergraduate Students (NAUS) at the University of Toronto is pleased to present our 3rd annual undergraduate conference entitled ‘Everything Neuroscience (∑N): The Digital Brain’ on the topic of the fruitful intersection between neuroscience and computer science.
Neuroscience today has been dramatically augmented by technological innovations such as fMRI, widescale genetic mapping, and computational modelling, which all require the sophisticated algorithms and analytics of computer science. At the same time, many disciplines, including computer science, continue to share theoretical insights into the inner working of the brain. We are pleased to present a wide variety of exciting topics – from modelling individual neurons to how activity is integrated accross the brain – and encourage students from neuroscience, cognitive science and computer science alike to attend.
We are especially delighted to have as our keynote speaker Dr. Randy McIntosh, director of the Rotman Research Institute and The Virtual Brain Project, an initiative seeking to provide the world’s first open, individualized simulation of the entire brain.
We will also be holding an undergraduate research poster session during the lunch hour. We encourage undergraduate students to submit any neuroscience-related research project to naus.utoronto@gmail.com with the phrase “Everything N Poster Submission” in the subject line and a 250-word abstract, title and author list. The deadline for poster submissions is October 31th, 2014.
Please refer to the itinerary below for further room location, event and speaker details. Continue reading

NAUS 2014-2015 Election Results

Thanks to all the candidates who ran in this years election, and to everyone who voted!

Here is your 2014-2015 Exec Team:

Co-Presidents: Filip Miscevic & Hamza Arshad

VP Finance: Audrey Zhang

VP Social: Ella Lew & Victor Lee

VP Communications: Josephine Chan & Charles Lee

Secretary: Vivian Liu

4th Year Representative: Shahin Khodaei

3rd Year Representatives: Sandy Wang & Jaclin Simonetta

Congratulations to all of the successful candidates!



NAUS 2014-2015 Election

The voting period has now ended! Votes are being verified and counted. The new executive team members will be announced by the end of the week. Thank you for your patience!

The time has come for us to elect next year’s executive team!

All of the candidates’ speeches can be viewed below. When you are ready to vote click here to access the voting page. I would like to remind you that only students currently enrolled in the Neuroscience Major or Specialist POSts are eligible to vote. This will be verified by student number.


VP Social (2)

Ella Lew, Victor Lee

Ella Lew

Has UofT and studying brought your serotonin and dopamine levels down? My name is Ella Lew and I am in the pursuit of happiness…as well as a valuable education at UofT as many of you are too. But I truly believe that life needs balance and to balance your large workload we need to have an equal level of fun. Now, you can play league of legends and have your own solo fun but I’m talking about good ole group social bonding kind of fun. I want to bring us, neuroscience students, together.

I want a smart and supportive neuroscience community where we can meet and cry on each other’s shoulders from the last HMB200 midterm but also go out and release some endorphins together. I propose a regular fitness plan that will not only increase our mood, make it easy to meet new friends, but a healthy way to release all the stress we accumulate as UofT students.

Not only that, I want us to have the same level of networking opportunities that engineers have. I want socials with amazing neuroscience professors like Dr. Ju and also to meet the bright neuroscience majors and specialists students at UofT.

I’m Ella Lew and I want to be your NAUS social VP to bring a healthy balance and ample opportunities for undergraduate neuroscience students to succeed.

Victor Lee

Hi Everybody!

My name is Victor Lee and I’d like to run for VP Social. I was on your social committee this year along with Sandy and Jaclin and I hope that we did a good job facilitating events and hosting the neurofrosh. I think many of you have seen me around or when I am sending out mass emails, posting on Facebook groups, or holding a flag of myself to run for the UTSU (which I won, thank you all for your support). I have always wanted to make the university a better place and aside from improving the mental health services on campus, that involves planning events for such a great community that we have.

I will make sure that there is free food at every event, and that they are more exciting foods than cheese and pepperoni pizza. If anybody was there, you’d remember the exciting pizzas that we got on neurofrosh (that was my idea).One of my biggest ideas for next year, above the pub nights that we still have, is an all you can eat sushi night (free of course, like our pub nights). I strive to push for an inclusive environment where everybody can be friends and get along and I’d like to do that through being the VP social. Last year, I ran for a position on NAUS but unfortunately didn’t get onto the executive team. Being a first year last year, I felt like it was hard to gain support since

I didn’t have any neuroscience classes yet and have had less exposure to the university. However, I feel as if being here an extra year, I have gained the support of many of you. And if you feel that way, please vote for me, Victor Lee for VP social. And also, as exam time is coming, keep calm and neuron!


VP Finance (1)

Audrey Zhang, Jaisie Sin

Audrey Zhang

My name is Audrey Zhang and I am running for the position of NAUS’ VP Finance.

I have been a part of NAUS for the past two years and would like to continue my involvement with this awesome student union. I have learned a lot with regards to general procedures that student unions have to follow, to how NAUS liaises with the student body and the HMB department, and other course unions.  In particular, I served as VP Finance this past year and thus, I am very familiar with the process of budgeting, writing grants, filling in receipt forms, and so on and so forth.

In addition, my involvement with the Biochemistry Undergraduate Student Society and NAUS has broadened my overall understanding of how to plan and implement events, and coordinate with other student unions. I’m reliable, meticulous, and motivated, but I’m also easy to talk to and will get along well with people. For the record, I have my own chequing account and I’ve never overdrawn.

VP Finance has a lot of responsibility, but I’m enthusiastic about participating in NAUS and have the time to give this course union the attention it deserves. I’m very appreciative of the fact that the neuroscience community is quite active and I strongly believe that while having an academic career is important, involvement with the neuroscience community, whether academically or socially, would really facilitate that and provide an overall memorable undergraduate experience.


Jaisie Sin

I want to be the very best,
Like no one ever was.
To count money is my real test,
To manage it is my cause.

I will travel across the department,
Searching far and wide
Each golden loonie, to understand
The power that’s inside.

It will not stop me
I know it’s my destiny
Oh, brainy students
Your votes make my moments.

VP Finance!
It’s my dream, so true!
Your votes will pull me through.
You choose me and I’ll serve you
To my fullest ability!
Gotta keep calm
Gotta/And neuron!!
VP Finance!

Hi. My name is Jaisie Sin and I am running for VP of Finance. I am currently a third year student studying neuroscience and computer science.

A year ago, I was fortunate enough to be voted in to become the current year’s Treasurer of the CSSU, which is the Computer Science Student Union. As a result, I ended up gaining a ton of experience managing a great deal of money, over 20 thousand dollars in fact when the CSSU ran Canada’s largest coding competition last September. I also was in charge of writing budget proposals to request money from the Department of Computer Science and the ASSU and I am very confident about being able to do the same for NAUS to the Department of Human Biology and the ASSU.

So, if you would like someone who’s experienced, trustworthy, and dedicated, when filling out your ballots, please remember my name, Jaisie Sin, this crazy Pokemon fangirl with a love for golden loonies. Please vote for me to be the next VP of Finance!

Submitted for your consideration and approval.

Thank you.


VP Communications (2)

Josephine Chan, Anthony Zhao, Albert Park, Charles Lee, Justin Huang

Josephine Chan

Hey everyone, my name is Josephine! I am finishing up my third year and am currently one of the VP Communications on NAUS.  A bit about me outside of NAUS: I have a double major in Neuroscience and Cinema Studies, I like being involved with Innis college because that has been my residence for the past three years or so, I love exploring Toronto, playing some ultimate frisbee, and playing the guitar/singing in a band with my two other bros called “Beaches Gone Wilde” (because b****** is a tad too inappropriate and Wilde like Oscar Wilde).

Being a part of this council has given me the chance to learn what this organization is about – especially the various events that I did not even know existed when I wasn’t on council. Furthermore, I felt that I have made some friendships with my previous exec members that I otherwise would not have and I greatly value these relations with my peers. But more to the point, this past year I was able to learn from the other VP Comm, Ben – who has been on council for longer than I have – the responsibilities of the position. However, the position is not independent from the rest of the team.

I learned a great deal about a number of things including the initial planning, the advertising, the prepping, and the importance of being present during the event, even if I did not have the most crucial role, to ensure that the event runs smoothly. If elected, I believe that I would be comfortable with the position because I know so much about it already. Moreover, I would take what I have learned, evaluate what worked and what didn’t to improve for next year, and I would be super stoked to be working with old members and new members as well.

Anthony Zhao

Hi everyone. My name is Anthony and I am running for VP Communications. As VP Communications, I would be responsible for updating and maintaining social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and as well as the NAUS website. I am an avid programmer with experience with Java, C+, Python, MySQL, HTML and XML. These skills will allow me to update and make our website look as awesome as possible. In addition, I am a frequent user of Facebook, like any typical university student, I am quite familiar with posts made by student groups. Most importantly, I believe that I have the abilities and motivation to fulfill my responsibilities and help make NAUS the best student association at this school.

Albert Park

My name is Albert Park and I’m running to represent NAUS as one of its VPs of Communications. I’ve fought a tough three years at this university up to this point and, despite numerous disappointments as I’m sure all of us have experienced, have come to love this university and the opportunities that exist for its students. I’m a new neuroscience student this year and have found a love for the subject, its complexity, and the way it can explain so much about the way we behave and think and then serve to improve the human condition. My studies in this subject area this year have focused my career goals and what I plan on pursuing after graduation, which largely includes a graduate degree in this area.

All of this aside, I decided that part of optimizing a degree in this program means having to collaborate, share knowledge, and give other support when we need it. Becoming a NAUS Executive would mean being able to play an active part in organizing this community and allowing me to share my skillsets and passion for neuroscience to support individuals who might be struggling in their courses and create a vibrant community.

The VP of Communications is chiefly responsible for the maintenance of the NAUS website, advertising & communication of upcoming student events, and other administrative duties. My experiences as an executive with the student volunteer organization VIDA and as a health educator with the Department of Health & Wellness at this university have led me to understand how to communicate with external organizations and how to get comfortable with working with people through social and communicative media. As an avid graphic designer, I have the ability to create graphics and promotional material for our events and our website. It’s a responsibility that I’m more than enthusiastic to occupy, but I’ll only be able to accomplish this with your approvals!

I’d like to thank you for listening—best of luck in your examinations!

Charles Lee

Hi folks,

I’m Charles K. Lee, currently a 2nd year neuroscience student, and I’m running to be your next VP of communications!

Through attending various NAUS events, I’ve had the privilege of meeting bright and hard working neuroscience students and faculty members.  In addition, being involved in the NAUS conference as an undergraduate research presenter, I have come to appreciate the importance of neuroscience research and genuinely enjoyed the event. For NAUS to continue on such large and meaningful events, I believe communication among execs, student bodies, and faculty members is vital, and I believe I have the necessary experience and traits to act as an effective liaison.

I’ve been involved in school newspapers since the beginning of my high school career, and have always been in tune with the student body. In my capacity as a senior editor, I organized various events to reach out to students and project their voices through the school newspaper. In addition, I’m also currently an exec member of an NGO called SAINTS and I act as a main liaison among various student volunteers, elders who need assistance, and the NGO itself.

As your VP of communications, I hope to reach out further to ensure all neuroscience-enthusiasts are aware of NAUS events and share their passion with us.  If elected, I will be committed to assisting the goals and purposes of the NAUS in the upcoming year.

Thanks for reading!
Justin Huang

Hello members of NAUS. My name is Justin Huang and I am entering my 3rd year in September as a Neuroscience Major as well as a Physiology Specialist. Today I am running for the VP of Communications of NAUS for the 2014-2015 school year. I believe I am well-suited for this role as I do have a bit of experience from being Webmaster for the MSSU as well as the VP of Communications for the CNIBUT, a new club that a few colleagues and I have formed to fundraise money for charity and to spread awareness about eye diseases. Therefore, I should already be familiar with many of the tasks performed by this role, including news publications, promotion of events, managing the social media trends, as well as ensuring the connection between the community and the council is maintained. I am also experienced in using Photoshop which will help me design those fabulous posters that we love to see on just about every single board at UofT.

I, Justin Huang, want to be the VP of Communications because I want to be there for you guys. I’ve shared many classes with you, and have had the pleasure to meet many of you personally as well. I think the neuroscience community encompasses a broad range of students and I want to do something for it. If elected VP of Communications, I, Justin Huang, will strive to perform my duties in a manner that is mindful of the NAUS community, AKA, you! I will keep you guys up-to-date about the seminars, social gatherings, and other fun events! And I will make sure your voices are heard when addressing your concerns and opinions! So if you guys are confident in my ability as one of the VP of Communications, vote for me, Justin Huang, and allow me to pay you back through my service. Thank you for your consideration and have a good evening.

4th Year Representative (1)

Shahin Khodaei

Hello everyone! My name is Shahin and I’m running to be the 4th Year Representative on NAUS for the 2014-2015 academic year. Neuroscience has been something I have been passionate about since high school, and over the course of my university career I have gone from a neuroscience major to a specialist after realizing how much I actually love this field. I’m the guy with the moustache you might’ve seen in your classes; I think I’m the only one. Apart from loving neuroscience and growing moustaches, I spend my time running a trivia club (yes yes, pretty geeky), drinking an unhealthy amount of caffeine, and desperately trying to find a research position.

I want to be a part of NAUS to share my passion with others in the program, and to try to make the neuroscience community at UofT even a little bit more tightly knit. Classes at UofT are definitely not particularly good places for making friends, and I believe that NAUS can provide an opportunity for people in the neuroscience program to get to know each other; After all, it’s always quite nice to know people in your classes, even if it’s just to steal notes from. I plan to take a lot of the 300-400 level neuroscience courses next year, which would put me in a good position to tell 4th years in the program about the various events organized by NAUS. I think I would do a good job as the 4th Year Rep, and I would very much appreciate your vote.


Secretary (1)

Vivian Liu, Carl De Buzman

Vivian Liu

Hi all, my name is Vivian Liu and I am currently in my second year of neuroscience at UFT.  I am here today because I really really wanna become your secretary for NAUS for the following school year. Everyone one of us here has way more interest in the brains than the average student so let’s keep the fun going! To me, the most important factor in the club is the members and the interactions between us, because if as a team, if we can show that we are passionate about what we do, we make ourselves that much more attractive ;)

Honestly speaking, what better way is there than to learn something while mingling with someone at the same time?

That’s where the socials come in.  We hope to bring to you a year filled with intellectual talks, educationally awesome events and of course, lots and lots of friends.  With the help of other NAUS members, and your support, I can confidently say that this club will be action –packed and can reach out to many more stimulating events that will positively shape the experience of many young neuroscientists at our campus.

This brings me to a quote by Billy Crystal.  He’s the main male lead form the old classic movie “When harry met sally” He says” You owe it to yourself to make the sacrifice in taking the time to dig into yourself, and find the brown spots on apple, use that and spin the straw into the gold.

So I think this fall, we got a mission to complete.

I think I wanna spin some straw into gold for NAUS, so we can all get brainwasssssssshhheeedd together!

Thanks for listening, peace!

Carl De Guzman

Wow this is spontaneous.The role I am running for is secretary. I’m qualified because I was a secretary for the day at my work.

I’m organized, I was in three departments at work, accounting, logistics, and sales support. I’m second year and the brain is awesome. I’ve been to a lot of NAUS events, I think they’re awesome and I would like to be a part NAUS; a friendly, intelligent and genuinely helpful organization.

Vote for Carl the missing piece! (there was no one running for it before). *points to sign.


3rd Year Representative

Sandy Wang, Shikha Kuthiala, Ashima Agarawal, Jaclin Simonetta, Ariba Alam

Sandy Wang

Hey everyone, my name is Sandy, and I’m running for your 3rd Year Representative on NAUS for the upcoming school year.  This year I was on council as a member of the second year social committee.

The thing that I like the most about NAUS and student unions in general is that it gives students a sense of community in such a big school. It’s a place where neuroscience students can go for advice, to meet new people, and to make U of T a little bit less daunting. Through my experience with NAUS this year, as part of the social committee along with Victor and Jaclin, I’ve had the chance to help with and attend academic seminars, plan Neuro-Frosh, helped with the Canadian Universities Life Sciences Challenge, and  learned a bit about all the hard work that goes into an event and the team effort that it involves. It also gave me a chance to meet new friends. And at the end of the night, after a stressful but successfully event, the best part for me was always the pub nights, to meet new people, to celebrate, and really mostly just for the free alcohol.

If elected, I will work as a bridge between all of the third year neuroscience students and the program to help put together more events, and get as many opportunities out there as possible for neuroscience students. Mostly I want to make new friends, convey the ideas and suggestions of all the neuroscience students and do my best to foster a sense of community within our program. And as clich? as it sounds, at the end of the day, the most memorable times of our university career will be at events, meeting new people, and having a good time. I hope that I can help create that environment as the 3rd Year Rep on NAUS for next year. I can’t make any grand promises, but I can say that I will listen to the voices and opinions of all of you, and I will do my best and work hard on NAUS. So vote Sandy for 3rd Year Rep!

Shikha Kuthiala

Hi, my name is Shikha and I’m running to be the third year rep for NAUS. I think I would make a good candidate because I’m passionate about neuroscience and I have experience working on other councils. I have spent the last 2 years on the Innis residence Council where I am responsible for planning events, organizing academic events and bringing a community together. I also spent this past year as the second year rep for MoGen where I assisted with planning academic seminars, making and selling merchandise and assisting with Pub nights. I really would like to be the third year rep for NAUS because I think I could bring all the third year neuroscience students together and be your voice for events your would like, merchandise you would like to see and topics of seminars you would like to attend. I’m a hard worker, I’m very organized and I would love to represent all the neuroscience third years in the 2014-2015 calendar year.


Ashima Agarawal

Hi, I’m Ashima Agarwal and I would like to be your 3rd year rep for the Academic year 2014-2015.

Each year the Neuroscience Association for Undergraduate Students organizes many events; academic, social and career-oriented. For Neuroscience students, this sounds like the ultimate dream- all the opportunities localized into one facebook page and email account. What could get better?

But unfortunately, we forget to mention all of the emails and the other facebook pages we have liked. All the celebrity pages, all the selfies, all the pictures from last night that clog up our dashboard. All the emails of students asking for notes, not once, not twice, but 8 times! In this, it seems that it is quite easy to miss out on an important event; the information gets lost in the spam of our everyday lives.

Let’s not even mention the countless memos we put up for ourselves, or the hundreds of alarms, and then realize at 9pm that the event ended at 8pm. I know I wish I had a reminder set up an hour or the day of the event just to ensure I actually make it.

I want to be that link to the NAUS for you. To bring you closer to the events that you are so interested in, and the events you want to go through. Reminders when you want them, and if you want them. We’ll work out a system that works solely on your conditions.

Additionally, I want to expand the 3rd year Neuroscience base. There are many other students out there who may be interested in NAUS’s events, but unfortunately are not informed of them. I want to be the liaison that reaches out to those students as well.

So Support me the elections for 3rd year rep! Thank you for your time!

Jaclin Simonetta

Hello everyone! My name is Jaclin Simonetta and I am running for the position of third year representative.  I am in second year, doing a double major in neuroscience and molecular genetics & microbiology.  I am currently on the NAUS social committee and would love to be part of the NAUS executive team next year to represent the 3rd year students in the neuroscience program at UofT.

Working alongside social committee members Sandy Wang and Victor Lee this year was awesome!  We had a great time planning Neurofrosh for our fellow second year students and getting to know our classmates.  I also enjoyed working with the other members of the NAUS executive team on events such as academic seminars, the Undergraduate Neuroscience conference and CULSC.

Often I hear people say that UofT is so big that it is impossible to make a good group of friends or have a sincere conversation with their classmates.  This can easily be confirmed by almost half of the posts on Spotted UofT!  I believe that getting to know your classmates is an essential part of university.  It’s not just about acquiring the knowledge you need for your future profession, but also making friends with your classmates and learning from one another’s experiences that makes university the greatest time of our lives.  NAUS has given me the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging in such a fast-pace university, and I would like to share this feeling with all the 3rd year neuroscience students next year.  A great way to do this is if we had socials just for the 3rd year neuroscience students and another for 4th years, so the students can continue to build these essential relationships with their year.

I had a wonderful experience being a part of NAUS this year, as it has given me the chance to improve my team work skills, further my interest in the field of neuroscience and make great friends!  I would be grateful for the opportunity to be on NAUS for the 2014-2015 school year if you chose to vote for me as your 3rd year representative. Thank you and enjoy what’s left of the semester!

Ariba Alam

Hi guys, my name is Ariba, and I’m currently finishing my second year. I reason why I would like to be a part of NAUS is because of one major reason. I am enrolled in Intro to Neuroscience, and I absolutely love all the knowledge I am getting from it. I can say I understand probably the basics of how the brain develops to how synapses are made, which leads to formation of memories, generating thoughts, and all that good stuff. It’s surely an addicting subject to read about, and I am glad I picked this major. Studying Neuroscience has influenced me to represent this field of science, and by joining NAUS will allow me to show my passion for it.

I would like to run for  3rd year rep, and I promise I’ll invest in all my effort to put a voice to the student body. I will be willing to meet every week to plan events, host GALAs, plan study sessions, and most importantly, interact with my peers who are also studying neuroscience! I’ll be available through facebook, email, phone to anyone who needs to contact me.

I was part of Students Offering Support (SOS) last year, and this year I am volunteering at Sick Kids as an administrative assistant. I am dedicated to what I enjoy doing, and prefer to put my time into one thing at a time !

So if you guys believe I will be suitable for 3rd year rep, then please vote Ariba Alam!


President (2)

Filip Miscevic, Hamza Arshad, Peter Mai

Filip Miscevic

Hi, my name is Filip Miscevic and I am running for co-president of NAUS on the 2014-15 executive committee. By now, many of you may know me as the handsome fellow in your neuroscience classes, but I am more than just a pretty face. I have served tirelessly for two years on the NAUS executive council, first as a second year representative, and this year as co-VP of social affairs, which has given me the opportunity to appreciate the nuts and bolts of the inner workings of the NAUS council. With my fellow council members, it has been extremely rewarding brainstorming, planning, and bringing you exciting and engaging events ranging from academic seminars, to pub nights, to professional development seminars.

As NAUS co-president, I’d like to expand on this year’s initiatives in bringing focus to non-academic aspects of student life where support from the NAUS community may be helpful, such as coping with stress; developing good academic practices; getting informed and involved in research opportunities; getting advice on navigating neuroscience and related POSts; and on opportunities in the field of neuroscience. We have held successful cross-disciplinary events, and I want to continue this collaborative trend.

One issue that I’d like to address which I and many of my fellow students have felt in our time in the neuroscience program is the need for an updated neuroscience course offering. In particular, neuroscience at U of T is largely based in anatomy and physiology, reflective of the areas of study in which neuroscience historically began. Today, though, reading any major neuroscience publication will suggest the quantitative nature of neuroscience today, and the integrative insights it gleans from other disciplines such as physics, computer science, cognitive science and even philosophy. Seeking to bridge these gaps in my own education, I have pursued a triple major in neuroscience, computer science, and cognitive science. Having set foot in each of these departments, I want to share how cross-disciplinary discourse has enhanced my neuroscience education and foster greater communication between these student bodies with the hopes of likewise enhancing others’.

Thank you.

Hamza Arshad

Hello young Neuroscientists! My name is Hamza and I’m running to be one of your Co-presidents for next year. Specializing in Neuroscience, I am crazy about learning new things about the brain. Being one of the largest programs on campus, neuroscience brings students from various different backgrounds, together over what they all love – The brain. Though learning about the brain is not enough, it’s about sharing what you love with people that are just as motivated as you. That’s what NAUS is all about really, it’s about bringing all you neuro-fanatics from all across this campus, over what you all love and adore – Neuroscience.

NAUS offers many great events throughout the year, including the EN conference, the Canadian Life Science Challenge (CULSC), and various academic seminars. Though, like any important tract in the brain, it must travel a great deal, if it is to reach its target audience. Likewise, we need students to get involved, participate, and reach out to grasp all that neuroscience and NAUS have to offer. As Co-president, I hope to evolve the mentorship program, so that the next generation of neuroscientists can learn from the experience of upper year students. I hope to extend your love for neuroscience beyond the classroom, and into an environment that fosters creative thought, amongst peers that motivate you to reach new heights. So as the Co-president of NAUS, let me be your radial glial cell, and watch as you migrate to places you never thought you could reach


Peter Mai

A man will always show his best hit when he’s given another chance before his 3rd strike at bat. Good afternoon colleagues, my name is Peter and I’d like to run for the position of the NAUSian King for a 3rd year with NAUS. Most tyrants would simply take the post; I’m a very congenial individual, so I’ll let you decide.

It has been a wondrous journey these past 2 years; first as a Social Committee Exec and then as a 3rd year rep and I must remark that it has been a great adventure filled with learning and laughter. The past 4 leaders before me promoted events that brought out fresh neurons and our astrocytic exec team has helped pruned and form new synapses and friendships.

I am not going to cast an illusion with promises of a million neuroscience initiatives. Instead, I can guarantee increased quality of all of our traditional NAUS events; our informative seminars, our thought provoking conference, our proprietary CULSC, our enjoyable socials and the sort. I desire to shape the future NAUS team into a team of leaders; if elected, you’ll see 14 pseudo-presidents by the end of the year. I will personally guarantee a mutiny and another election next March.

As for myself, I desire to complete my journey with NAUS, which has always been like a family to me. I would like an opportunity to rise to the challenge after watching it thrive so well under my grandparents and parents.


Come take a Study Break with NAUS!


What: Fun board games, free snacks, and great company! :)
Where: OISE 3312
Time: 6 – 8 pm

And for those of us who are 19 and over, you’re invited to come out to our pub night! (**please remember to bring your ids)
Where: Fox and the Fiddle (St.George and Bloor)
Time: 8 pm – whenever we get kicked out

It’ll be a wonderful chance to meet and socialize with other neuro students before the end of this semester! You would not want to miss out on good times. :)

A special thanks to the Arts and Science Students’ Union and New College Student Council ( NCSC ) for funding the event!

Click here to visit the Facebook event page