Hey guys!

If you’re involved with the mentorship program and haven’t had a chance to meet your mentor/mentees, this is your great chance! We’re going to be meeting in a yet to be confirmed place (BUT we will be updating you guys soon about this) but we’ll be providing some snacks and a chance to meet your mentor/mentees “officially” and also you can meet all the other mentors and mentees and have a chance to build relationships in our awesome neuroscience community! If you haven’t received an email regarding the RSVP, please email us and we will send it to you, this way you can see if your mentor/mentee will be there!

Date: Thursday November 3rd
Time: 8-9 PM
Place: TBA

FOLLOWING THAT! We will be having our KARAOKE NIGHT! That’s right! We’re going to be heading to Fox and the Fiddle for a night full of free food and drinks AND awesome singing. You are going to want to come out and watch your NAUS execs do classic favourites ranging from Hit me baby one more time to more recent hits such as Fireworks or Bad Romance! Trust us, you DONT want to miss out on this. Oh did I mention the FREE FOOD? and FREE DRINKS?
Seriously guys, take a break from all that studying and kick off that fall break with a chance to have SOCIAL INTERACTIONS, increasing oxytocin levels WHICH BY THE WAY wards off STRESS and thus letting you learn better! You’ll get to meet your peers and the newest additions to the NAUS TEAM (check them out here).

Date: Thursday November 3
Time: 9PM and onwards with karaoke starting at 10PM! RIGHT AFTER THE MENTORSHIP MINGLE!
Place: Fox and the Fiddle at 280 Bloor St. West, just west of St. George

Check out the events on the right side of the page there, in case you forget about them, MARK OFF YOUR CALENDARS TOO!
Also, if you haven’t been receiving our emails, please please please tell us so we can get it fixed up and notified!

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