Just a friendly reminder, that we will not be accepting new team registrations in-person, as we have reached capacity for the event!

We are trying to keep CULSC green this year, so if you have a reusable water bottle, feel free to bring it with you! There are water refill stations throughout Wetmore Hall where the competition will be taking place.

Please don’t forget to check the finalized teams list:…/1YrK3A3V68BY_5TpGDBgrRSg9BC…/edit…

Double check the spelling of your name and team member’s names, as this is how it will appear on your participation certificates.

As well, please be prepared to present the following at check in on Friday at 5 PM in Wetmore Hall Lounge:

– Student ID from your institution
– Health card
– Government ID (this is necessary if you wish to purchase alcohol at the Friday Night event)
– Two emergency contacts (preferably not members of your own team)

See you all on Friday!

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