Hello everyone!
Vote now before it closes at 11:59PM tonight!
  1. Entering your student number is required for a valid ballot. We will verify your subject POSt through matching your student number to our Neuroscience POSt database. Only votes made by students enrolled in the Neuroscience POSt or who are enrolled in an HMB-core neuroscience course will be counted as valid.
  2. Vote according to the number of positions available. A ballot will not be counted if the incorrect number of candidates are selected.
    1. Second Year Representative (3)
    2. Third Year Representative (2)
    3. Graphic Designer (1)
  3. If multiple ballots are submitted by the same person, only the last ballot will be counted. Candidate speeches will be presented in the following section, followed by the online voting ballot form. Please do take the time to thoughtfully select who you believe will best represent the neuroscience study body at UofT this upcoming academic year.

VOTE NOW: https://nausuoft.typeform.com/to/hsfQff

All the best,
Grace Manalili
VP Comunications

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