Online Ballot: Fall Elections 2017

Hello everyone! The ONLINE BALLOT IS NOW LIVE. Vote now before it closes at 11:59PM tonight! RULES: Entering your student number is required for a valid ballot. We will verify your subject POSt through matching your student number to our Neuroscience POSt database. Only votes made by students enrolled in the Neuroscience POSt or who … Continue reading Online Ballot: Fall Elections 2017


Eat Pizza w/ Your Profs + NAUS Fall Elections 2017

--- REGISTER NOW--- --- MEET & GREET --- Come out and meet and greet your neuroscience profs! Ask them your burning questions about neuroscience, research, or life in general! Lunch (pizza) will be provided! --- FALL ELECTIONS --- This will be followed by election speeches and an in-person voting period. To be eligible to … Continue reading Eat Pizza w/ Your Profs + NAUS Fall Elections 2017

CULSC Registration Closed!

IT IS OFFICIAL! CULSC REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE. We want to thank all of the teams and individuals that have registered. We cannot wait to see all of you next weekend If you did not register in time, we hope that you'll be on the lookout for CULSC announcements during the 2017-2018 school year!