First place: Poly Scorin  (Yung Lee, Mobeen Mubasher, Mithunan Ravindran and Lucshman Raveendran), McMaster University

Second place: Lacrimal Lakers

Third place: Stoweners


1st Place: We’re in Love with the Benzoylmethylecgonine (Coco) (Matthew Le, Kelvin Deng, Molly Yang, Elisa Ugod), University of Toronto

2nd Place: Yeast (Ann Sheng, Sudarshan Bala, Kevin Chen, Adam Chang), University of Toronto, and Life Signs (Hyun Seo Oh, Nancy Liu, Tian Nie, Justin Ryk), University of TorontoMost Spirited: MightyChondria, Carleton University

Top Score in a given Category:
Neuroscience & Psych: Yeast, University of Toronto
Molecular Biology & Genetics: Ford Nation, University of Toronto
Physiology: MACrophages, McMaster University
Anatomy: MACrophages, McMaster University
Pathobiology, Immunology & Microbiology: Life Signs, University of Toronto
Biochemistry & Pharmacology: 400nm, University of Western Ontario


 1st Place: Four Eyed Foramen (Abdul Shabbir, Jeremy Ho, Austin Paul, Pardeep Ratnani), University of Toronto
2nd Place: Phenobarbiedoll (Jennifer Lee, Kelly Li, Yin Shen, Claire Yang), University of Toronto
3rd Place: Need For Seed (Gaston Habib, Alexandre Mikhail, Muhammed Fazal, Omaid Tanoli), McGill
Most Spirited: LolzBallz, McMaster

Top Score in a given Category:

Neuroscience & Psych: Four Eyed Foramen, University of Toronto
Molecular Biology & Genetics: Firing Neurons, McMaster
Physiology: Phenobarbiedoll, University of Toronto
Anatomy: Swag Masters, Queen’s
Pathobiology, Immunology & Microbiology: Need for Seed, McGill
Biochemistry & Pharmacology: The Dominant Alleles, University of Toronto

Top Teams By School:
McGill: Need For Seed
Queen’s: Swag Masters
UofT: Four Eyed Foramen
McMaster: Lolzballz
Wilfrid Laurier:Amino Aces
Waterloo: Dope Amies
Guelph: Invagination


1st Place: Septic Shock (Joseph Somody, David Kleinman, Albi Celaj, Becki Mantha), University of Toronto
2nd Place: Glorious Maximus (Jenny Chen, Jane Wu, Michael Zhu, Joyce Wang), Queen’s University
3rd Place: Sonic Hedgehog (Abdalla Ahmed, Hussam Kaka, Wilfrid Chan, Mei Huang), University of Toronto


1st Place: Major Groovers
2nd Place: Quadruple Bypass
3rd Place: Perpetual Motion Squad (PMS)
4th Place: DMAK
Top Overall University: York University
Most Spirited Team: Spermatogeniuses