This is an undergraduate competition. In order to participate, your entire team must consist of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th year undergraduate students in any program of study.

Students enrolled in graduate programs, or those that already have a medical or post-undergraduate degree are ineligible. Teams that are found to have non-undergraduate members will be disqualified.

Students working on their second undergraduate degree are eligible.

There is no age limit for participation, however certain events throughout the weekend (pub nights) will be 19+ .

General Game Format

The pool play will consist of five rounds. Each round will be of increasing difficulty (easy questions in round 1, hardest in round 5). Correct answers will also be weighed based on the difficulty of the round. So, one correct answer in the first round will amount to 100 points while one correct answer in the fifth round will amount to 500 points (linear interpolation for the middle three rounds). The top (nine) teams will proceed to the semifinals based on their total score rankings during the pool play. From there, the top (three) teams will compete in the championship round.

Pool Play

During pool play, the indicated team will get to choose which question to answer. If they answer correctly, they get the full value of the points. The other teams in the room will also have an opportunity to write down an answer to the question. Should they get it right, they will receive half of the points normally awarded. Should they get it wrong, they will lose half the points normally awarded.

Semifinal Play

Here, each team will have an opportunity to write down the answer to the given questions. Should they get it right, the corresponding number of points will be awarded. There is no penalty for incorrect answers.

Championship Round

The game play for the championship round will assume the format of pool play.

If you have any questions regarding gameplay please do not hesitate to email us.