Meet this year’s execs!

Filip Miscevic: Co-president


Hamza Arshad: Co-president

Neuroscience has always piqued my interest, as a science of great complexity, and one that engages multiple disciplines. Neuroscientists are found everywhere, in fields ranging from biochemistry to computer science or from music to linguistics. It is by far one of the most interdisciplinary fields at U of T and that’s why we have students from so many different backgrounds, all working together to tackle similar problems. NAUS is an organization that caters to this diversity of students and allows them to engage in open dialogue outside the classroom. It provides an opportunity for critical thinking and also stress-free social interactions. I’m delighted to be one of your presidents this year, and I hope to initiate events that encourage lots of cross-talk between different streams of neuroscience.

Aside from neuroscience, I’m big into astronomy and cosmology. I also keep my adrenal cortex busy by engaging in high adrenaline sports – including skiing, basketball, football and biking in downtown Toronto (by far the most dangerous activity). Im in a love hate relationship with Go-Transit, as I commute from Mississauga on a regular basis. I hope to hear from many of you as this year progresses!

Audrey Zhang: VP Finance


Hey everyone, I’m Audrey, your VP Finance for the 2014-15 year.  I am currently in my third year, doing a neuroscience and biochemistry double major. NAUS has an amazing line up of events for the year, what with the academic seminars and CULSC and loads other things, I know you guys have been waiting all year, so come out – it’ll be fab!

A bit about me – I love  blogging, photography, the TV show Friends (the oldies are the best) and food/cooking (yes I love being in the kitchen) and exploring and scoping out new places in the city.  If you are looking for someone to go with you to try that new ethnic food place somewhere downtown, I’d be the one!  I’m usually at Gerstein or Robarts trying to study but if you see me on campus don’t be afraid to say hello! Like everyone else on NAUS I love meeting new people as well.  Anyway, hope you guys come out – take a break from all the studying and meet some genuinely amazing people :)

Ella Lew: Co-VP Social Affairs


Salutations! I am the Social VP for NAUS this year.

I find the brain and human behaviour very fascinating and it has led me here at UofT studying Neuroscience and Psychology. I have specific interest in the auditory system and neuromarketing – feel free to stop me and chat about these topics.

This year I will be implementing a running club (Endorphin Run with Ella) in hopes to provide a stress outlet for the Neuroscience community and a place to meet our peers and FEEL GOOD.

Hobbies: studying (because you should like what you spend half your time doing, right?), listening to Stromae and good beats, conversing and learning from people, exercising, and Facebook stalking.

As for my life goals, I hope to find people and careers that will increase my oxytocin/serotonin/endorphin levels and decrease my cortisol levels! ​

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any social event ideas 🙂

Victor Lee: Co-VP Social Affairs

Victor Lee picture

I knew I wanted to study the brain since I was very young and have been looking forward to being in the neuroscience program since I was in high school! My persistent interest in neuroscience comes from very personal experiences that I have had in the past involving both me and the people around me. But mainly, I have always found it amazing how an organ weighing no more than a few pounds can generate consciousness, determine behaviour, and control bodily processes.

Being so excited about to be in neuroscience, I started to come to NAUS events since my first few weeks in university! I am happy to have served on the social committee on NAUS last year and am even more excited to be one of the VP Socials this year! We’re looking forward to a year of great events with the Neuroscience community.

I’m a very approachable person and I really enjoy socializing and meeting new people. I’m really happy about all the friends that I’ve made since I’ve come to university and am always excited to make more. If you ever see me around campus, feel free to introduce yourself and come talk to me!

 Josephine Chan: Co-VP Communications


Charles Lee: Co-VP Communications

Charles Lee photo

Hello everyone!

My name is Charles, and I’m honoured to be VP of communications for this year. We have an array of interesting events planned, so please come out to our events and meet your fellow neuroscience students. Let us know if you have any suggestions because we are here to ensure your voices are heard (we’re all super friendly, I promise!)

As for me, I love love LOVE mangoes and I like to be wrapped up like a burrito in my bed when I’m not busy. I also like to run, swim, and fence in my spare time and love to play some flute and violin duet with my brother.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and let’s make it best year yet!

Vivian Liu: Secretary


Hi all, my name is Vivian Liu and I am your NAUS secretary for 2014-2015.. To me, the most important factor in the club is the members and the interactions between us, because if as a team, if we can show that we are passionate about what we do, we make ourselves that much more attractive I’ll be on top of my game to update everyone on NAUS events and our monthly schedule, and simply being of aid whenever I can.

We hope to bring to you a year filled with intellectual talks, educationally awesome events and of course, lots and lots of friends. With the help of other NAUS members, and your support, I can confidently say that this club will be action –packed and can reach out to many more stimulating events that will positively shape the experience of many young neuroscientists at our campus. There’s nothing better than being with a bunch of people who have the same shared interests, so we hope to see your lovely faces more often… dont be shy!

Shahin Khodaei: 4th Year Rep


Hey everyone, my name is Shahin and I’m excited to be a part of NAUS this year as the 4th Year Representative. A big part of my role will be to make sure that you all hear about the events the NAUS has been organizing for you, as well as to answer any questions you may have, be it about NAUS gear or some cool courses to take.
Apart from NAUS and neuroscience, I am also a residence don at the Innis College Residence, and am a member of the band “Beaches Gone Wilde” with a couple of friends. I also spend my time getting brunch at various locations around Toronto, and finding little cafés to sit in and read/study. Come say hi if you see me around campus, I’d love to get to know some of you. Hope it’s a fantastic academic year
Sandy Wang: 3rd Year Representative 


Hey guys, I’m a third year lifesci student, majoring in neuroscience and psychology. I really like studying the brain and everything related to it. If you are around campus, you can always find me hanging around Med Sci or Robarts. Although I love studying the chemicals related to the brain, I have to say that adrenaline and I do not go well together, I usually avoid scary movies and roller coasters. In my spare time I enjoy discovering all kinds of different music and discovering new food places around the city. I love meeting new people, so don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you ever see me around campus!

Jaclin Simonetta: 3rd Year Representative


Hey everyone!

I hope you are just as excited as I am for all the NAUS events we have planned for this year!

I am a third year student majoring in neuroscience and molecular genetics.  That being said, one topic I find most interesting is the study of neurodegenerative disorders and how genetics plays a big role in these diseases.

This will be my third year on the Victoria College Dragon Boat team, and on my spare time I love exploring new restaurants around the city and going to concerts.

As the third year representative, I look forward to getting to know my classmates better and meeting all the neuroscience students at our events throughout the year.  I love meeting new people, so feel free to say hello whether it be around campus or at our office hours!

Rania Faidi : 2nd Year Social Committee 


My name is Rania and I’m a second year student in the Neuroscience Specialist program. I was always fascinated by the fields of neurodegeneration and  the intricate structure of the human brain and because of this and my growing interest in neurosurgery, I decided to pursue neuroscience in undergrad at UofT ! In my spare time, I love to read  and shop ( for books) and I  love surrealism art (especially  from the likes of Salvador Dali). I’m not from the city but I love exploring Toronto, especially at night. An ideal day for me would be entirely spent at the AGO with the prelude from  Bach’s Cello Suit No.1 playing in the back of my head. I’m so excited to be part of the NAUS  2014-2015 social committee,  and I can’t wait for our engaging socials this year! 🙂

Atiya Shaikh: 2nd Year Social Committee 


Hello everyone.My name is Atiya Shaikh and am very excited to be a part of NAUS. I am currently pursuing a  major in neuroscience and a double minor in immunology and psychology.Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by the brain’s remarkable abilities to comprehend and process the world around us. Neuroscience is not just something I study but is something I love. Also, I love travelling and discovering new places. I am a very social and approachable person. I intend to meet all of you at our events and make many new friends :)​

Felipe Fajardo: 2nd Year Social Committee 


Hello everyone! My name is Felipe and I am one of the second year social committee members! I am a specialist in Neuroscience with a major in Physiology. I decided to join NAUS due to my passion and love for neuroscience! In the summer between my grade 10 and grade 11 year, I read a book on the studies being performed involving neurogenesis and the possible applications for it in the future. This got me extremely excited for it and the brain has fascinated me ever since! I hope to provide you all with a great selection of social activities that will hopefully allow you to be more involved in the neuroscience community at U of T.

On a more personal note, I love to explore and learn from different cultures, taste different foods, and have as many new experiences as possible! For me life is an amazing experience in which we can learn so much from our own experiences and those of others! Hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet as many of you as possible! If you ever see me come and say hi! I wish you all the best

Apurva Kilambi: 2nd Year Representative 

(to be updated)

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