“What are the effects of meditation on the brain?”

“I want to start meditating, but where do I start?”

If either of these questions are of interest to you, look no further because NAUS has you covered!

On February 27th, NAUS will be hosting a 1 hour seminar with Dr. Norman Farb who will discuss his research on the effects of meditation on the brain, followed by a 1 hour meditation session led by Dr. John Vervaeke!

The opportunity to both practice AND learn about meditation is now yours! Please bring a yoga mat/meditation pillow if you have one.

Students from all programs are welcome! Light refreshments will be provided.

Event Schedule:
1-2PM : Meditation and the Brain Seminar + Q&A Session, Dr. Norman Farb
2-3PM: Beginner’s Meditation, Dr. John Vervaeke

There are 60 spaces available for this event, so please reserve your spot using the google form link provided: